1.If they judge you, gossips about you or misunderstand you then allow them to do this. Don’t get worry about that. If they get you wrong then it is their problem. Always be kind, good and honest person. It’s not important what they say, never doubt on your abilities and power. keep glowing like you always do.
Sometimes it is better for you, not to talk with anyone. Just keep silent and many problems will solve.
There is a time for good things to happen, just keep struggling and learn to wait.
Don’t expect too much from others because it can hurts you a lot.
We are happy when we get what we want or the things turn out the way we like. There is expectations. But the truth is this will never happen all the time and when we did not get what we want then we get disappointed or even give up. So, don’t expect from others.
If someone tells you that they love you then never be too happy for that. Just ask them “For how many days?” because people change very fast.
I don’t care what people say about me, I am really dead on the inside, just waiting for the outside to catch up.
If you love someone then take care of them. If someone love you then take even better care of them.
If someone struggling already but still helps you then it is love, not help.
Your worst time shows the true color of everyone.
I want to be your first priority. I want to become that first person whom you share your issues. I want to be the first person you want to share your ideas. It is not because I am possessive person. It’s because you are important and valuable part of my life.
Never forget how they ignore you when you needed them the most.
I ignore others because I love you but ignore me for others,
Love heals not hurt so If it hurts then it is not love at all.
Nobody is perfect so we should always try to overlook certain things and have a habit of appreciating each other. This makes both of you stronger and the relationship as well.
I Tried a lot but what can I say, At the end I only have myself.

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