Be Grateful
When you appreciate all the positive things you have in your life regardless how small it is will help you to successfully abolish negativity. Centering on these good things will make the challenges you face significantly less important and are more easily addressed.

Give Thanks

When something bad happens, instead of embracing it and taking it personally we need to learn to change how we think of it. For instance, if you work in the service industry and you have a rude customer, instead of letting it ruin your day and your mood, try and show some compassion, perhaps something bad has happened to that individual, try and do something nice for them. A smile can be contagious. Instead of taking everyone’s bad mood personally make the choice to be in a good mood, smile and circulate the cheer!

With larger life issues that can bring us down, like an ill family member, a divorce, a disagreement with a loved one, cast your worries away. Do what you can to help or correct the situation and then leave it in God’s hands. You’re only a person, you can’t fix everything and shouldn’t have to carry all of life’s burden’s on your heart day in and day out. Do your best to apologize to those you wronged, forgive those who wronged you, ask for help when you require it, and offer help when you are able to.

It’s about letting go of all of those things sitting in your heart that are keeping you from having a positive outlook. It’s your option, you are able to keep the negative or let it go to make room for the positive.

Some people will never tell you he had a bad day. As a matter of fact, some believe there’s no such thing as a bad day. This was a hard concept for me to grasp…for me “bad days” had been a steady occurrence. To some, every day is a gift. Some are thankful for challenges as they teach him, he is thankful for his job even when it is not pleasant. I marveled at his ability to see each day as a “good day” regardless what happened. When I started to try and adopt this philosophy I detected it worked! Just when I decided in my mind that I was having a “bad day” I’d try and discover something good in it, when I discovered something good I realized that a few bad things don’t ruin a whole day unless you let it! It’s an option! Every day we’re alive is a gift there is so much to be grateful for so why do we center on the things that make us unhappy?

Readapt your thinking…bad days are selections we make!

In the end having a positive outlook is up to you! It’s a choice we make day-to-day. You can never control what other people say or do to you but you are able to control your response. By selecting the positive route, as briefly outlined, you’ll be happier and healthier than ever before. You’ll have a peace within you that will leave people looking at you in awe. I think is a choice that’s worth making.

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